Odd Future Has A TV Show


Adult Swim has officially picked up Loiter Squad, the long rumored television series from popular Los Angeles rap/skate/art/mischief/internet crew The Odd Future Wolf Gang That Killed All Of Those. The series will be produced by Dickhouse, the team behind Jackass and many shows like Jackass. By all accounts Loiter Squad will also be like Jackass except with rap music and sketch comedy placed on top of all the self-mutilation and public disruption. It’s set to air in fifteen-minute blocks come 2012.

Also here is a video about a llama.

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  1. confursed says:

    so is it LOITER SQUAD or LITTER LIFE?? …idgi

  2. joeD says:

    damn these chumps are still around SMGDH!!!!

  3. Andrew Noz says:

    it’s loiter squad, my brain farted.

  4. Chris Spata says:

    This is perfect. Adult Swim always collabos with hip hop artists. I think Tyler’s win at the VMAs signals a whole new era in hip hop. Disagree??? Check out my column at the link below and you might change your mind. http://bit.ly/ColumnTylerTheCreator

  5. Say wat says:

    What channel is adult swim on ? Like cable