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Video: TKO Capone f. Riff Raff, "Ballin Like A Foo"

Taken from Tulsa, OK rapper TKO Capone's almost incredible Tropical Swaggin Duh tape, "Ballin Like A Foo" is the second of his records to lift a chunk of the Harry Potter score, awkwardly cropped to a point of ethereal disconnectedness. Capone adds to this atmosphere by opening up with a sloppy and swaggy style (splish splash take a bath?) before abruptly calling his "Switch Gears!" audible and shifting into a tightly intricate Swishahouse flow. MTV reality star turned World Star star Riff Raff's erm… unique charm is definitely an acquired taste, it's one that's probably most easily acquired while he's playing Paul Wall to O Capone's Chamillionaire. (Points granted for his very Raffian absurdist misdirect about Gucci, which I will not spoil for you).

Video: TKO Capone f. Riff Raff, "Ballin Like A Foo"