What We’re Reading: Wavves

September 14, 2011

It’s September, time to say goodbye to your Tevas and tank tops and hit the books. We asked a handful of artists releasing music this Fall to find out what's on their reading list. Here, Nathan Williams of Wavves gives us his top picks.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley: This dude was born in 1894 and was really into psychedelics. I think the first time I actually read this book was in high school, and I remember the whole sleep-learning thing kinda freaked me out.

Can't Stop Won't Stop by Jeff Chang: I met Jeff Chang at Powells Books in Portland, Oregon. He was there for a signing, and I got him to autograph a copy of this book for me. Then I stole it. I was 19 and had no money. That's the whole story.

Black Hole by Charles Burns: One of the most moving pieces of art I've ever seen and read.

Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn: This memoir is about Nick Flynn's childhood growing up in foster care, I think? Or he was a caseworker at a homeless shelter. I can't really remember, but the main point is him wanting to meet his estranged father, a self-proclaimed poet and con man who was serving a sentence in federal prison at the time.

The Filth by Grant Morrison: This really interested me when I was younger because I had never read such a sexual and violent comic before. The future president of a floating Yacht continent snorting tons of blow while he gets a boob job, or the Tex Porneou character who is trying to take over the world with his money shot and "devils black cum." There is a huge orgy with a pizza boy. There are probably nine dead cats that are dug up out of the main character's backyard. If you've read The Invisibles there are a lot of similarities between this and that, as far as inter-dimensional time travel and shit.

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What We're Reading
Posted: September 14, 2011
What We’re Reading: Wavves