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Co La, "Egyptian Peaches" MP3


Co La is the solo alias of chronic sound deconstructionist Matthew Papich, best known for his work in Baltimore's messy, heady Ecstatic Sunshine. Taken from Papich's forthcoming Daydream Repeater LP on NNA Tapes, the label's first full-length vinyl, "Egyptian Peaches" glimmers in tropical dub sound collage, with samples like too-bright reflections bouncing over the ocean, revealing themselves like winks if you squint just right. The beat churns hypnotically and forcefully, rolling recycled fragments of Pioneers vocals into the song's mass like a sonic Katamari Damacy, picking up beach towels, errant summer novels and fresh cut lime as it heads west over the horizon.

Download: Co La, "Egyptian Peaches"

Co La, "Egyptian Peaches" MP3