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RUN DMT, "Dreaming" MP3

Way back in the olden days of last year, a lot of people made a lot of cassettes and sold them for not a lot of money. It felt perfect: low investment for something that was only like five bucks, if it turned out to be just a guy noodling on his guitar for 45 minutes with a pretty ill rustic-looking cover—at least you had that cover, you know? Now that things have cooled down a bit we can take stock of the survivors and figure out which ones have jams worth jamming. Run DMT (get it? get it?) proves he has some staying power with "Dreaming," a track that has the kind of thudding low-end that we can best describe as a Wu-Tang stomp (it's like the opposite of swing, RZA did it a lot). He also started a new label called Culture Dealer that features new, original cassettes and new, original VHS tapes of video art and music.

Download: RUN DMT, "Dreaming"

RUN DMT, "Dreaming" MP3