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Demi Lovato Does Lil Wayne's "How to Love"

In November, 18-year-old singer Demi Lovato quit her tour with the Jonas Brothers and entered rehab, citing vague "emotional and physical issues." After 90 days in treatment, Lovato left her Disney television show and told 20/20’s Robin Roberts that she's had an "unhealthy relationship with food" since she was eight. Since then, Lovato's turbulent Twitter has narrated her labored #rise&grind towards redemption. After a fan said Lovato's arms looked a "tad bit chunky" at this year's VMAs, Lovato snapped back, "I've gained weight. Get over it," then retreated, deleting the jab and replacing it with the steadier, "Guess what, I'm healthy and happy." This past weekend, Lovato took the stage at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom to promote her new album Unbroken and "Good Luck Demi" trended on Twitter. Onstage, wearing a flowing white robe like a Manson girl-cum-Janis Joplin, she delivered Lil Wayne’s not-rap ballad "How to Love" from the middle of her throat. She dropped some lyrics, but the ones she knew were delivered with brawn.

Demi Lovato Does Lil Wayne's "How to Love"