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Video: Tashaki Miyaki, "Somethin' Better Than Nothin'"

How midday-dance-in-your-living-room encouraging is it that rising Californians Tashaki Miyaki sound even better playing their own songs than they do playing covers? That a band who is clearly capable of updating and heavy-riffing Buddy Holly has their own novel ideas too? I wish we were in the movies where no one is ever alone/ and when you tell me you love me we could go on home/ It's gonna be all right. Keep it simple, hit the notes with aspiration, craft a pretty video to match the tone and you're golden. Tashaki Miyaki's debut 12-inch comes out Ocrtober 31st on The Sounds of Sweet Nothing, available for preorder now.

Video: Tashaki Miyaki, "Somethin' Better Than Nothin'"