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Video: Girls, "Honey Bunny"

Chris Owens wrote "Honey Bunny" on his birthday. He says it's "about making a conscious decision not to give up on love or hope or happiness." Here, directed by Girls' bassist/producer JR White and Ivan Shumaker, a bleached-yellow Owens sparkles on parade, top cropped and tongue loose. He finds the girl who loves him for all the reasons everyone hates him; they do whatever they want (always). In the back of a car, her white boots kicked skywards, they keep swapping one good jean jacket. I just got one of those emails from JetBlue, subject: Today Only! Meaning, a one way from here to Oakland is just $159. Maybe I'd stop giving a fuck and go if Girls weren't playing Bowery Ballroom this Thursday and Friday. Owens' told the Times that this tour has had, "some of the best shows we’ve ever played," and, "it’s just getting better, it’s getting better all the time."

Video: Girls, "Honey Bunny"