Future f. TI, “Magic (Remix)” MP3


Is there anything more mysterious than Future’s ability to consistently draw high profile guest remixes for his mid tier street hits? First he grabbed Drake, who rarely does guest verses outside of the millionaire special friends Illuminati circle that created him, for his meandering Scarface exploitation “Tony Montana,” and now he’s got the first T.I.P. verse since Clifford came home from his recent prison stay on the new mix of his second hit. It’s almost as if he is attracting these more famous rappers through some sort of… magic.

Download: Future f. TI, “Magic (Remix)”

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  1. Jake says:

    How/why does he have Dungeon Family tattoos?

  2. FinanshallPOW says:

    his DF affiliation might be key to this… magic

  3. Andrew Noz says:

    he has df tattoos because he’s df second generation. rico wade is his cousin and he was a member of the dungeon east group da connect, where he rapped under the name “meathead.”

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