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Venus X, "Uptown Shorty (ASAP Rocky Remix)" MP3

photographer Destiny Ortiz

ASAP Rocky and Main Attrakionz teamed up for "UGK," and ode to the ideal of the Underground King, saying fuck the majors and being super duper duper high. In her edit, uptown-native Venus X isolates Rocky's drawled first-verse bar ASAP shorty/ Uptown shawwtay, plants it at the apex of an epic intro and makes it a fighting mantra. I tried to figure out how many gunshots she layered over the soundscape and counted 115. The avatar Venus loaded along with "Uptown Shorty" on Soundcloud is a picture of Japan's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who I wrote about this morning. On some days, it feels like the internet is tying itself in bows.

Download: Venus X, "Uptown Shorty (ASAP Rocky Remix)"

Venus X, "Uptown Shorty (ASAP Rocky Remix)" MP3