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Live: Boubacar Traoré

Earlier this week, Malian bluesman Boubacar Traoré came to play in New York City. His records vary from peppy to melancholy, all anchored by his luxe voice. He has found a way to sing without many peaks or valleys, simply a pure and crystal tone that feels as though it pours straight from a well cut deep in his chest. His show, flanked by two exuberant sidemen, one pounding a gourd, the other showboating with a harmonica, was a slight departure from the more bummer moments of his recorded music, instead opting for an almost entirely feel-good showcase. The crowd loved it and so, it seemed, did Traoré. His new album, Mali Denhou, his first in six years, is out now, watch him perform the title track below and "Mondeou" above.

Live: Boubacar Traoré