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World Premiere! The FADER #76: Photo Issue Featuring Zola Jesus and Real Estate

October 03, 2011

Once our photo editor tested his new camera and took a picture of me while I was watching a video on YouTube, then one while I was talking and one of the back of my head. This took about two minutes. They are the best photos of me that exist. FADER spends a lot of time invested in this kind of natural capturing and we've found the ease of documentary photography makes it the most suitable kind of portraiture around. That's clear in our cover stories. Zola Jesus holds a big cat, Alex Bleeker from Real Estate hugs a college friend. This is what happened, come check it out, and, PS, it looks really pretty. We also have a great story about Noah "40" Shebib, Drake's go-to producer and engineer, looking at his process throughout the creation of Take Care.

In addition to the music, we've also got three incredible photo stories, essays by Jim Korpi about the America he has come to be kinda confused by, and the first widely available longer look at the work of Mike Brodie, aka the Polaroid Kidd, who shoots beautiful images while traveling cross country on trains. Additionally, the young and extremely gifted photojournalist Dominic Nahr set aside his reporter hat and gave us a look at the quieter but sometimes more poignant moments he encounters while traveling the world shooting stories for the likes of Time and New Yorker. Of course we've also got looks at ASAP Rocky, King Krule, Elite Gymnastics, Future, Fatima al Qadiri and a world of other work.

Read our Zola Jesus cover feature right now and head over to Facebook to preview exclusive photos and text from FADER #76. Order a copy of the issue here or pick one up on newsstands soon.

World Premiere! The FADER #76: Photo Issue Featuring Zola Jesus and Real Estate