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Lil Phat’s Never Use A Pen Again Mixtape

October 06, 2011

While Trill Ent. principle Lil Boosie is locked up for two forevers on top of forever, his understudies stay the course, refining the tightly wound Baton Rouge sound. Here, Phat is pushing that old Gucci Mane no pen, no pad agenda, which probably isn't the most constructive advice to give the youth (writing is healthy!). Mannie Fresh hands the Louisiana assist on "Talk Some Mo Shit," swiping the hook from UNLV's "Another Bitch," which he produced nearly twenty years ago, and rebuilding it around samples of Too $hort saying his favorite word.

Download: Lil Phat's Never Use A Pen Again mixtape (via DGB)

Stream: Lil Phat f. Mannie Fresh, "Talk Some Mo Shit"

Lil Phat’s Never Use A Pen Again Mixtape