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Memory Tapes' Modcast is Actually a Free EP


Haha, remember that old timey concept where an artist would put some songs he or she liked in an appealing order so it would flow well and then we'd all be stoked? WE DON'T. We're all about the future over here, and the future is apparently Memory Tapes foregoing the concept of the mix and releasing an entire continuous track that flows so, so well. Okay, so maybe it's not the most futuristic idea ever. This dude did it forever ago, and a lot of people have done it since, but the fact remains that this is an entire EP's worth of music by an artist People Care About, given away completely free through Modular Records. Perfect for the next time you need to do a 23-minute activity, or perfect for the next time you feel like listening to Memory Tapes.

Download: Memory Tapes, Modcast #95

Memory Tapes' Modcast is Actually a Free EP