Kanye West Occupied Wall Street Wearing Givenchy


This afternoon, around 3:45, Kanye West and hip hop yogi Russell Simmons visited the Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan. He wore flannel by Givenchy and gold teeth. Allegedly, he didn’t talk to anyone then left in a car. Kind of a bummer week for Kanye—people saying he’s too low brow for couture, too high brow for the 99%. Twitter user @ngozi_blessings wrote, “My baby Kanye is down n new York greeting the people at ‘occupy wall street’ # yessss go head boo boo be apart of the movement,” but at large, the #ows hashtag trolls didn’t appreciate the appearance:

Update: Okayafrica.com has a brief video of Kanye and Russell Simmons being interviewed. Kanye says literally nothing, though no word on what was potentially edited out—he’s not one to hold his tongue.

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  1. jjjjjj says:

    The movement isn’t about being against rich people but more about making sure that we all reap the rewards of a prosperous economy.

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  3. real charming racist says:

    kanye west isn’t actually a rapper, but instead a merril lynch board member

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  7. gabeofuzi says:

    I think that Kanye’s purpose was served. He brought attention to the OccupyWallStreet movement, he is exposing the story through music / art media like The Fader to those who may not be so familiar with what is going on. No need to hate on him because he’s rich as fuck/ and wears jewelry and designer clothes. He’s rich, what do you expect.

  8. pic says:

    i don’t get it, was he supposed to show up in hemp pants and a hoody? maybe if he came with a backpack on and an acoustic guitar it’d be ok. or an ‘anonymous’ vendetta mask? at this point in the #OWS movement, i don’t believe there’s much room to act classist and discriminatory. is it about uniting or exclusion? taking shots at Kanye and Russell Simmons because they show up to support is just ridiculous. i don’t see them coming out to exploit it for their benefit in any way, the way some of these reactions insinuate. do they really need to? do either of them really NEED any credit from this movement? it’s more like the other way around. the #OWS movement needs voices and leaders. not saying that it needs celebrity voices at all but both Kanye and Russell come from 99% middle class backgrounds who created success for themselves, have both given back to their communities, and both have huge platforms to share information and influence. them showing up to support #OWS is a POSITIVE thing. why the skepticism? why the pseudo-racist remarks (THUG Kanye?). show some respect and bite your little twitter tongues before you go turning people away. where’s the LEADERSHIP?

  9. TheFADERofficiallySUX says:

    You guys officially suck. And I was kinda a fan. Kanye……..come to terms with your Fascist nature, go ahead. “Hashtag trolls”. I guess you mean possibly some of your family members and neighbors right? Oh, that’s right, you’re sycophants. Fuck a horse, you douchenozzles. Hey Kim what’s up. LmAO

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  13. rob22 says:

    this is so fucking retarded wtf is yeezy supposed to do give away all his money, or better yet just burn it yeezy so you can officially BE PART OF THE 99%!!!!!

  14. bouttocopaporschhe says:

    LOL thug should never be a word used to decribe kanye west

  15. Yy says:

    Ultimately the Occupy Wall Street movement is about equality. Societal equality. Being wealthy shouldn’t translate to undue advantages like lower taxation, impunity from justice, privileged access to law makers, et cetera. The communities that are most affected by current status quo are poor communities, that are, in the United States of America, made up disproportionally by black Americans. Kanye West, if he cares about the state of and well-being of Black Americans has every reason to show up at the Occupy Wall Street movement. I think that posturing by wearing clothes other than those he is accustomed to would be deceptive. Also, one doesn’t necessarily relate conspicuous consumption with being for income inequality. It might be that he likes the craftsmanship of the clothing, case in point would be A.P.C. So long as Kanye West is earning money in a moral way, making music, I think his choice of fashion doesn’t exactly comment on his ethics. If Sam Cooke showed up at OWS would people be expressing a similar exasperation? Sam Cooke and Kanye West are both music makers who have earned the substantial portion of their wealth by making music. Kanye isn’t Alfred Krupp or Lloyd Craig Blankfein (not being anti-semitic with the comparison of AK and LCB; both are just amoral capitalists).

  16. ooh says:

    Kanye should occupy some Fishsticks.

  17. Lili says:

    I find ridiculous that they havevthe nerve to show up.. Russell Simons is worst than the banks, and wall street… So is that ignorant idiot kanye,,, it seems they like they are there mocking people …
    1.. Russell Simmons has stolen money from poor people who have used his prepaid rush card. The fees are absurd…. He used his popularity to robbed them blind,, let’s not forget these two idiots have clothing lines , and they all there work made in china or other countries…. So they make more money….. If they were have there companies make all the merchandise here, they would thousands of people jobs,,.. They must be up to some other scheme, and are just making it seem they ar they poor people side.. People should be smarter and not buy their cheap stuff that’s overprice.. These people make too much money for what they do.. What about doctors, teachers, etc people that actually contribute to humanity,, they don’t make enough money….. Get smart people stop making these people rich…

  18. serenissima says:

    What bugs me out about Kanye West showing up (in Givenchy, no less) isnt that hes rich… I’m glad he wants to throw his publicity behind ‘the movement…’ What bugs me out is that, the other six days out of the week that he isnt at OWS hes promoting the lifestyle that put America in the financial situation that its in now. Hes selling the concept of ‘n*ggas in paris’ and ‘watching the throne,’ ie buying up all the expensive shit you can and stunting on everybody, which your average American cant do.

    he took out loans that he didnt need to fund his line with ‘the best designers, the best models, the best venues, the best, most luxurious fabrics’ (his words) and then the line wasnt reviewed well ANYWAY, so what was the ratio of creativity to money there? at this point, kanye west is a living embodiment of the 1% in urban culture. this type of greed and materialism is what led corporations and banks to take big, steaming dumps all over the 99% in the first place.

    so if he wants to support, i say, dont show up at OWS. why dont you take the money you spent on that Givenchy plaid and sponsor some university students that cant afford school? or sponsor a family that cant afford to feed their children? instead of taking out loans to hire ‘the best’ to show in paris, why dont you hire little known american designers fresh out of design school and show your colletion locally? do some real philanthropy, dont just show up and stand around. he HAS the money and the influence and there are A MILLION legitimate ways that he can help this movement and pump some of the cash WE gave him by buying his cds, seeing his concerts, etc back into the American economy.

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  20. Boston Accent says:

    These twits blog about Immortal Technique and Talib who are not cut from the same cloth as Kanye; bad argument. Please, as a black dude who has been into this culture for over 20 years Kanye is a sucka and the crowd should have run him for his $400 shirt, sneakers, and chains like the real niggaz who aren’t buying his albums. BTW didn’t he crash up a car that was over 400K with his boy Jay Z for fun? Get real folks Kanye is a corporatized clown prostituting himself for the Wimpo-crats who are trying to co-opt the movement and the greedy record companies who pay him like they pay nearly all mainstream rappers to poison the masses with ideas of materialism and selfish greed. He is Wall Street. I am upset OWS didn’t call him out for this stunt. The dude is frontin and so isn’t everybody else blogging defending him. Yo!, I heard both his parents were PhDs; hardly a thuggish upbringing, so where does this “THUG Kanye” find its validity? Grow up little kids. Kanye is all about himself. Plus, he looks like he just had his wisdom teeth taken out with that swollen mouth of his. Hollah.


  22. Hostess Cupcake says:

    Will someone get these rich clowns out of here! Kanye West is a total douce! And he walks around like his shit don’t stink. Hey Kanye, you are a sorry candy ass rapper! YOU SUCK!