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Video: Amon f. NHT Boyz, "Give & Go"

"Give and Go" is a nice intergenerational blap from Hayward's Amon, who used to run with Sean T as a member of the group Prime Suspect. I'm aware that the previous string of text means nothing to just about everyone reading this, but know that if you were/are a connoisseur of fine mob music from the '90s it would mean slightly more than nothing. While Amon makes the claim that the NHT Boyz, one of the more exciting Oakland crews of the now, are "in the building," the video makes it glaringly obvious that their respective scenes were filmed in entirely different spaces. Forget such technicalities, just let yourself drown in the enormous neo-hyphy knock.

Video: Amon f. NHT Boyz, "Give & Go"