Liquid Television Returns Kind Of


If you’re in a certain age group, then you’ll fondly remember MTV’s Liquid Television as the late night block of television that made you feel stoned if you weren’t stoned, and even more stoned if you happened to be already stoned. Wisely realizing that most of these shows weren’t any longer than 12 minutes, the channel transported a large portion online for free viewing. That means a midday office break to watch The Maxx, and then another midday office break to wonder why The Head isn’t on there (if it is and we just can’t find it, please let us know). There’s plenty to distract yourself with here, so you might want to get some Nachos going before you get weird.

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  1. Thanks for the write up! It’s been fun putting the website together, and we’re still working out the glitches as we go – but so far we’ve got a good deal of classics up there, plus new shorts, and tons more on the way. We’ll continue to roll out new, old, and exclusive shorts on a weekly basis – so whatever is missing now may not be next week. You just have to check back and see. ;)