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Video: Quelle, "The Son (Shittin on Niggas)"

In an interview with Noz for MTV Hive, Brooklyn headbuster Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire said that at home, he loves to color. "We play video games, we fuck bitches, we color... Coloring’s a really serious thing in this crib, son. We don’t play with that shit, you gotta come hard. Niggas be really on they Picasso shit coloring. We get drunk and we just got mad coloring books. Coloring and NBA 2K that’s the serious business in the crib." Quelle and exQuire are not currently working together. I'm not sure if they've ever met. If not, they should, because the blasted out, grimy jazz atmosphere that Quelle's productions create is perfect for coloring. Quelle extends each of his words so that they run into each other easily. Guitar solos and interludes structure the fuzz. It feels like an audio-book for dropouts. Go home, get high, drink orange juice and color to Quelle's new demo The Son.

Video: Quelle, "The Son (Shittin on Niggas)"