Funkystepz’ FADER Mix MP3

October 17, 2011

At some point, as someone living an ocean away and reading about genre politics secondhand online, I realized I was not an expert on UK funky, and without access to actual clubs I would probably never be. Physical releases don't often find their way into my loop. Usually it's like, searching "Rihanna remix" obsessively and clicking the most recent YouTube with the craziest preview image. So all smiles at two new Funkystepz developments: the release of their second EP on Hyperdub, Trouble, and this exclusive mix. Since funky existed Funkystepz were good at it—many thanks for this hour long progress report. The group, comprised of Renay & Stimpy and DJ, Maxsin, make fast and focused magic all throughout, with special moments for their own incredible "Fuller" instrumental and Mosca's standout remix of T Williams and Terri Walker's "Heartbeat." The drop on their monstrous "Royal Rumble" will crack an instant grin. The mix closes with Scrufizzer's rapid fire, knock-you-on-the-floor "Fizzy Flow," his wordplay only seeming wilder by the previous hour's general lack of vocals. Something like 18 tracks on here are produced by Funkystepz. Whether you're a connoisseur or just clicking through, it's clear they own this sound.

Download: Funkystepz' FADER Mix

Funkystepz Feat Lily Mckenzie - Circles
Funkystepz - Transformer
DR Gonzo - Bust em up
Roska - Jackpot
Six D - Best Damn Night (Funkystepz Mix)
Funkystepz - Dirty Dutch
Canblaster - Clockwork
Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air (Seiji Remix)
Funkystepz - Trouble
Funkystepz - XTC
T Williams Feat Terri Walker - Heartbeat (Mosca Remix) ****
Champion - Lighter
Funkystepz - Class A
Scratcha - Flute
Funkystepz - Anger
Funkystepz - Royal Rumble
Funkystepz - Bruk Out
Encore - The One (Champion Mix)
Roska - Roskallion
Funkystepz - Fizzy
Funkystepz - Jumanji
Crazy Cousinz Feat Omarion - Arch Your Back
Funkystepz - Fuller
Champion - 1994
Funkystepz - Warrior
Funkystepz Feat Lily Mckenzie - For U
Funkystepz - Tokyo Drift
Funkystepz Feat Rhian - Our Love
Duchess Feat Scorcher - All The Boyz (Wookie Remix)
Roska - Do You Believe (Ma1 Remix)
Favorite Flava - Heaven (Funkystepz Mix)
Funkystepz - You Got it
Roska Feat Jamie George - Wonderful day (Scratcha Soule Power Mix)
Funkystepz - Underground
Scrufizzer - Fizzy Flow

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Funkystepz’ FADER Mix MP3