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Video: Canyons, "See Blind Through"

This party is terrifying! There's an alien dancing around, some guy in a scary hat, and even worse, another one playing the pan pipes. Can you tell me with a straight face that you could walk into a room where all this was going on and be like, Oh yeah, THIS IS MY SCENE? It's cool if it is, but also you've got to be in the right mood. Most likely, you are not a person that will ever be in that mood. That's the beauty of Canyons, though. They take two things that outsiders have very skewed perceptions of (Australia, disco) and fully dive into that weirdness as if it's a reality. Directed by Daniel Brereton, "See Blind Through" feels like what happens when a dude is blazed out of his mind and decides to combine all the things that pop into his head when he combines AUSTRALIA and DISCO (underground parties, crazy nature stuff). It's a pretty great window into what Canyons' debut record Keep Your Dreams sounds like: scrappy, homemade, lush and simultaneously familiar and completely foreign.

Video: Canyons, "See Blind Through"