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Stream: Zomby, "Labyrinth"

photographer Leonie Purchas

Yesterday prolific Twitter user Zomby wrote, unprompted (and we're adding the punctuation): "Why so many tunes? Why varying styles? Why varying lengths? Is this a EP? LP? Album? CD? Does it have wi-fi or USB? Can I have sex with it?" We were like, Whaaat is this dude talking about? Today the answer comes in the form of an embedded MP3. "Labyrinth" is the first of seven new tracks from Zomby's Nothing EP, out November 28th on 4AD. The tone is refreshingly ecstatic, with a rolling "Think" break and air horns gesturing more toward the frenetic rave of 2008's Where Were U in ’92? than Zomby's still-amazing, but wildly bleak Dedication LP from earlier this year. So many tunes. So many varying styles. You ever want to just like, have sex with it?

Stream: Zomby, "Labyrinth"

Stream: Zomby, "Labyrinth"