Photos: The FADER FORT by FIAT NYC Day 2

Instead of drinking coffee at home for seven hours straight like we usually do on Saturday mornings, we reported immediately to day two of the FADER FORT by FIAT NYC and got our minds blown by San Francisco dudes Weekend, whose drummer’s face was completely serene even though his arms were producing enormous noise. The rest of the day continued straight up from there—Bushmills, Budweiser and Pepsi hooked up the bar, Purity Ring brought a bunch of arts and crafts props for their set, FIAT served cookies and Danny Brown wore a tiger-print Jeremy Scott sweatshirt/tuxedo. See that game-ending outfit on page two, below.

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  1. çok müthiş ya bir de beğenmeyenler var fiatın nesini beğenmezler anlamadım ki