Download Gonjasufi’s The Ninth Inning EP


When we look back at Gonjasufi’s career, it’s hard to tell exactly what his legacy will be. Will it be weeded, wheezing singing? Or will it be the ominous mutter-raps that pop up occasionally? Probably both. Or none at all, and something else we don’t even know about instead. Gonjasufi is an expert at pushing boundaries and then ignoring them so completely that his music turns into a timeless, murky reflection of a dude who is influenced by everything. Gonjasufi’s The 9th Inning is not a follow up to his complicated A Sufi and a Killer, but instead a collection of tracks that show what happens when you have too many good ideas to keep them all in one place. It’s somewhat difficult, weird and exasperating, which is exactly what it should be.


Download: Gonjasufi, The 9th Inning EP

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  5. walter says:

    what is this ad-bullshit you have to fill out to download this album? enter “the all-new chevy sonic” to download album? so fucking wack. feels dirty.

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  8. beach says:

    seriously that hydroshare shit is bullshit fader…get that shit together that link is garbage!!!
    thank you pingback for not wasting my time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. shazbot says:

    The download quiz bullshit doesn’t even fucking work for me. No matter how many times I enter whatever lame phrase it wants me to type, I can’t get past it at all. Lame as hell. Fuck that website.

  10. Sammi says:

    The download function doesn’t even work even if you DO type the codes in – it just gives you another code to plug in… Looks like google will be the only way.

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  13. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    To everyone that wasn’t able to download: I’m not sure what’s up with that, but I contacted the publicist to see if an alternate link can be provided for easier download. I’ll switch them out if I get one.

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  15. isabelle says:

    just fyi, the mediafire link from gonjasufi’s tumblr doesn’t work either

  16. Lowdjo says:

    A Sufi And A Killer doesn’t sound that complicated to me ;-)

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  19. THE TRUTH says:

    I dont know what is worse the Cheezy site or the corny music