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Salva f. B Bravo, "Obsession" MP3

I keep replaying the first 30 seconds of Salva’s bonkers "Obsession" track, trying to figure out what the hell he's doing to make his synth sound like a parrot made out of water. "Obsession" captivates with its upfront funkiness, bolstered hugely by B Bravo’s classically-vocoded strained high-note vocals, but the secret joy is Paul Salva's subtlety. The little shifts in texture, the drippiness of it all, the one-off "Uno, Dos, Tres!" sample, the flawless criss-crossing of sunrise synth pads and the dominant lead when they both rise up together. Just a huge, happy track. "Obsession" features on Salva's Yellobone EP, out November 15th on Friends of Friends.

Download: Salva f. B Bravo, "Obsession"

Salva f. B Bravo, "Obsession" MP3