Foster the People, “Life on the Nickel” (Mansions on the Moon Remix) MP3


The dudes in Foster the People may be responsible for putting more butterflies in tweenage tummies than anyone else this year with their smash success “Pumped Up Kicks.” But LA trio Mansions on the Moon have won over Pharrell’s prolific heart. The producer has signed on to executive produce their debut EP in November, and this remix shows why he’s chosen to invest. The band created an intricate soundscape for Mark Foster’s soaring vocals, populated by eerie, spreading synths and a hypnotic, half-time stomp. Technically, it may be dance music, but the isolated feel of the rework makes Foster’s confessions—I’m lonely, my eyes have been closed to the world, cuz the world’s got nothing for me—ring sadder and truer.

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