Korallreven f. Julianna Barwick, “Sa Sa Samoa” MP3


Every time I listen to a Korallreven track, the first thing that comes to mind is: How am I going to explain this music to my kids? Like, what is it? It’s music that sits somewhere between joyous, intentionally vague global pop and holistic new age warmth, I guess? But what does that mean to a still-unborn 10 year old who will probably grow up on jangly 128kbps YouTube rips? Is Korallreven our Paul Simon? Or is Paul Simon our Paul Simon? “Sa Sa Samoa” does nothing to help me figure out where to put Korallreven when I inevitably lecture my hypothetical children about the entire history of pop music, and that, quite possibly, is the main appeal.

Download: Korallreven f. Julianna Barwick, “Sa Sa Samoa”

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  1. This sounds great. Julia Barwick turned in a great remix of Jack Penate a couple of years ago. Somehow turning a piece of hi-life indie pop into something more akin to modern classical (mp3 over here). Brilliant though.

    Anyway, can’t wait to get my hands on the Korallreven album, which is currently streaming in full over on my indie music blog.

    Occasional Rain.