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Download Freddie Gibbs' Cold Day in Hell Mixtape


There was a time when Freddie Gibbs was as prolific as any other rapper. It felt like he had a new song just about every other day, and it even got to the point where he released a gargantuan mixtape compilation of snippets of some of his better tracks. It was like an ultra bleak, fast rap highlight reel. Since then, Gibbs has linked up with Young Jeezy and taken some time to record. Now he's back with Cold Day in Hell, his latest album disguised as free mixtape. There are plenty of great moments, one of which is Gibbs' homage to 8Ball's "My Homeboy's Girlfriend." But mostly, this is Gibbs in fine-tuned mode. He's less furious, but more focused. He still sounds angry and ominous and somewhat scary, but it's tempered by experience and time. Cold Day in Hell is worth a listen, especially as an indicator of where he might go next.

Download: Freddie Gibbs, Cold Day in Hell

Download Freddie Gibbs' Cold Day in Hell Mixtape