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The Whendays, "Untru Love II" MP3 + Video

The Whendays are half from Stockholm and half from San Francisco, which seems ideal—two places that, even if you've never been, you can imagine yourself better off in. They say, "On a certain level, the melancholy mood of our music is triggered and steeped in Sweden's harsh winter. However, the big bulk of it comes from us just being weird." But a very pretty weird. The guy in the video looks cooler than I would if I shaved my head, but there's something invariably taunting about the climax of "Untru Love II," the speak-singing of I'll act like we never met if I meet you with my friend/ Yo, I want to ask you something: Do you love me? Those are really selfish things to say back to back, especially with a chilly little laugh in your voice, one "steeped in Sweden's harsh winter." It's cruel but you don't want it to stop. The Whendays self-titled debut EP comes out November 15th on Cascine.

Download: The Whendays, "Untru Love II"

The Whendays, "Untru Love II" MP3 + Video