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Cloud Nothings, "No Future/No Past" MP3

"No Future/No Past" is the type of song that makes you wish you had really long bangs. The deliberate drums would start beating and you could jitter your neck and hair would fall over your face. As the song progresses, Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi exhausts his voice, over-straining early so that by time the climax hits he's screaming No future, no past with way more hurt than you might've expected. And this is when you'd really love your hair, thrashing it awesomely, surprised this is how the song's moving you and your greasy, frayed chunks. Cloud Nothings' second full-length Attack on Memory comes out January 24th on Carpark.

Download: Cloud Nothings, "No Future/No Past" (via spin)

Cloud Nothings, "No Future/No Past" MP3