Stream: Gucci Mane f. V-Nasty, “Whip Appeal”


So, this happened. Gucci Mane, a monster, not a jogger or a blogger, connects with walking, breathing post V-Nasty. It’s always nice to hear producer Zaytoven sounding Zaytoveny, and in doing so he brings out a more rubbery flow from Gucci than we’ve heard in a while. Then there’s the matter of V-Nasty. As with fellow White Girl Mobber (Swobber?) Kreayshawn’s 2 Chainz collab, her cameo proves that the fastest way for a blog buzzer to reveal their deficiencies as a rapper is to jump on a song with an actual practiced rapper. Not to pile on the hate with these girls, but they both have a long way to go. Nevertheless, Gucci and Vanessa are set to drop their BAYTL tape in the near future. There’s a third rapper on the song too but nobody’s bothered to identify him as of yet. I won’t put an end to that streak.

Stream: Gucci Mane f. V-Nasty, “Whip Appeal”

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  1. HHID says:

    Fader really?! Why post this up??

  2. serg says:

    the third rapper P2THELA

  3. BENJY says:

    Instant ClassiC!