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Video: Cass McCombs, "The Same Thing"

Cass McCombs’ six-plus minute "The Same Thing" is pretty much six-plus minutes of the same thing. A driving rock song, with a gentle, mincing bridge that comes around but twice. At one point, towards the end, he mentions that same sameness, and weirdly, it's the one moment that feels noticeably different (he's traded "thing" for "sameness"). If this video is to tell us anything, it's that McCombs leads a hazy, itinerant life, like an endless and indiscernibly romantic B-roll. It honestly gets a little tiring until the very end, when you get a little glimpse of magic: A fawn, creeping through a graveyard. Transcendence or happenstance? Maybe they're the same thing. Humor Risk is out November 8th on Domino.

Video: Cass McCombs, "The Same Thing"