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Video: Factory Floor, "Two Different Ways"

Factory Floor’s "Two Different Ways" video, filmed in a single eight-minute take for their debut 12-inch on DFA, is delightfully prescriptive. The London band's live set is famously brutal, a bottling and shattering of post-industrial sound, and the jittery backdrop for "Two Different Ways" comes right from their live projections. So with this anonymous dancer lit just right, his face flicking in and out of shadows, they show you exactly how they want you to react: You work out your shit, alone, and you don't care if it's exactly on beat. That's a message for life. "Two Different Ways" is up now to pre-order. Factory Floor are playing a handful of European dates over the next month, culminating in London at Caribou's ATP: Nightmare Before Christmas.

Video: Factory Floor, "Two Different Ways"