Canyons’ FADER Mix MP3

November 14, 2011

Now that the music portion of the internet is basically just one giant factory of endless content that, at best, is destined to find a temporary home on an iTunes playlist, and at worst be completely forgotten, it's great to hear a mix that has the kind of transportive qualities that make you actually want to listen more than once. In general, we're always stoked when a mix evokes an atmosphere—at this point, it's what you hope for. Everyone has access to every song, and yeah it's cool to hear the most next-level jams around, but it's also cool to hear a mix that carries a vibe for the duration of its runtime. Australia's Canyons put together this one for us, it's sleazy and bouncy and smooth the way driving a yacht through shark infested waters while on psychedelics is smooth. So, very smooth? Mostly smooth if you don't think too hard about it? It's cool to get deep with it too though. Omar S shows up here, as do The Embassy and a shocking amount of saxophones. If you're into the vibe, it'd be very much worth your time to check out Canyons' debut album Keep Your Dreams when it comes out tomorrow, November 15th, on Modular.

Download: Canyons' FADER Mix

The Guest Stars - La Tierra El Sol
52nd Street - Twice as Nice (King & Hound edit)
Curt Cress - Flying High
Omar S - Here's Your Trance, Now Dance!!
Ike - the Mojo
Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn't Change a Thing
The Embassy - It Pays To Belong
Dhuo - Walkin'
Snowy Red - Baby Tonight

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Canyons’ FADER Mix MP3