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Video: Woman's Hour, "Jenni"

Those first 30 seconds of London four-piece Woman's Hour’s "Jenni" perfectly capture butterflies fluttering in your stomach. For me the intro's a first kiss, just high notes tumbling and tumbling, like your gut's telling you, "Whoop, whoop, self. What the hell, here goes." Then just a minute later Fiona Burgess—whose brother William is also in the band—sings about bored love, So here we are again, it's the same old story. Maybe that's why "Jenni" feels so sad—a relationship can dull so fast. The video, funny and strange, is shot beautifully by Nick Dehadray. A much deserved vinyl pressing featuring "Jenni" and Woman's Hour's even-more-aching "Human" comes out December 5th via Dirty Bingo.

Video: Woman's Hour, "Jenni"