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Download Fred The Godson's City of God Mixtape

Although City of God is not Fred The Godson’s first release, it's probably the one that'll get him the most attention, and that's good. Fred's voice is mostly a hoarse rasp, and it sits somewhere close to New York's great history of down-and-out bummer rappers. What if Raekwon and Jadakiss always sounded a little bit unhappy? They would be Fred The Godson. On the tracks that don't sound like what it must feel like to throw money off a spiral staircase made of crystal in the ’80s ("Doves Fly," "How You Don't Know Me"), Fred comes off like a New York rap traditionalist: perpetually unhappy, conflicted and emotionally raw—there's still plenty of interesting territory to be mined here.

Download: Fred The Godson, City of God

Download Fred The Godson's City of God Mixtape