Video: Sinden f. G-Side, “G Like Me”

G-Side guide a bus through rural Huntsville in the video for their collaboration with Sinden, “G Like Me.” It’s a nice tour. The camera wisely lingers on stout dollar stores, skyward-shooting fast food signs and rolling seas of kudzu, a Japanese plant that invaded the South and grows on top of anything. Kudzu is generally regarded as a nuisance, but it’s also a powerful reminder of how unruly vacant spaces can become. That clash of emptiness and wild potential is a crucial part of Alabama’s sometimes bland but magical landscape, and “G Like Me,” directed by Pam Tietze, captures that well. Hunstville’s people are another key element—the close-knit party interlude halfway through is its most scenic vista of all.

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  1. Bob says:

    Yo I really like your review of this video, the info about the Kudzu is on point. It’s like you have a graduate degree in urbanism or something, most people would’ve overlooked that aspect of the video. Keep it real. thanks.

  2. THE BOSS says:

    Agreed. There’s some mad deep social commentary going on in this video. GET IT G!

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