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Download Mike G of Odd Future's Award Tour EP


On "Chevron," a melancholy, Hodgy Beats-produced track, Mike G says of his Odd Future family: We all a bunch of others. This year, Mike G accompanied his band of outsiders on a whiplash rise to fame, touring at home and abroad and walking red carpets. Still Mike's been the subject of significantly less scrutiny (and interest) than his OF peers and Award Tour, his second free release, is the fruit of that on-the-periphery privacy. Featuring increasingly polished production from Syd the Kyd ("Michael Douglas," "Award Tour") and Left Brain ("Vicks"), Award Tour sounds like it was made with the lights off in a crappy, close to the beach apartment, just for fun. Friend of the crew (but non-member) Vince Staples appears on five of seven tracks. Opener "Moracular World" appeared on Mike G's last effort, Ali. Perhaps some of Award Tour’s tracks will eventually return on Mike G's long-ago promised full-length, Gold?

Download: Mike G's Award Tour EP (via OFWGKTA)

Download Mike G of Odd Future's Award Tour EP