Showroom Visit: Omen PR’s Spring Collections

Photographer Kadeem Johnson
November 28, 2011

Omen PR has a pretty consistent cadre of clients, with each designer providing a steady stream of solid wardrobe essentials. We'd buy the whole showroom if we could, but for lack of funds, we'll just swoon over some lovely photos of our favorite picks.

Dana Lee

On the men's side, Dana Lee is, quite simply, one of our very favorite designers. Her take on the Hawaiian shirt was our top picks of the season, and paired with her two-tone shoes and shorts, you've got a perfect look for warmer days.


Plenty of girls could fill their closet with Nomia’s assortment of simple, slinky mini-skirted dresses and a few denim jackets and be set for the summer.

Factory by Erik Hart

And for nightlife kids, Factory by Erik Hart has about every crop top and sheer black dress you could want for a night out in Berlin.

Showroom Visit: Omen PR’s Spring Collections