Did Vybz Kartel Escape from Prison?


It’s been reported that Adidja Palmer bka dancehall hero Vybz Kartel started a riot at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre early this morning in Jamaica. Kartel allegedly held an officer at gunpoint and eventually escaped, disguised as a guard, in a Correctional Services Department truck. One police officer is thought to have died of a heart attack during the break, and twelve others were reported injured. Kartel has been held at Horizon while under investigation for two murder charges.

This morning, Jamaican police say they have no knowledge of the escape. Commissioner Les Green told the Jamaica Observer, “I know nothing about that. If that had taken place I would certainly have known.”

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  3. Plastay Man says:

    Ah Gaza mi say. This is a political war, imagine being charged for weed in Jamaica (crazy). Then wild stories about murders and next more propaganda that an officer died while u were escaping (crazy) and the whole time u r sittin in your cell 4 over 2 months with no bail. The wheels of Corey Todd are in motion he started this whole thing. He created a positive image for the artist then he decided to tarnish it when Teacha refused to let him keep robbing him and eating of the Gaza empire. Corey is a leach he ate off rapper Nelly till he couldnt anymore then he fled to Jamaica and hooked up with Teacha and a few Politicians. Now he trying to steal everything from the empire but he is forgetting Kartel is a World Boss and little Jamaica is too small 4 a World Boss. Ah Gaza mi say