The Best Presents For Gadget People

December 07, 2011

People got trampled and pepper sprayed while holiday shopping on Black Friday, but it doesn't have to be that hard! We've compiled some of the best gift ideas on the internet, all easy to buy from the comfort of your laptop. Check back each day this week for another round of beautiful stuff you won't have to fight crazy people for. For this installment, we've got a range of useful (and affordable) gizmos for your loved one's kitchen, home and workspace.

1. Opaque Projector by Porta-Trace, $185
This projector sees through paper and projects it onto your wall, allowing you to transform any drawing, clip art or Tumblr detritus into something tangible, like a stencil, painting or Occupy protest sign.

2. Mobile Tail by Sangwoo and Jongwon Park, $9

3. Kitchen Brush by Le Creuset, $18
Perfect for conservatively oiling pans, roasts and bread for grilled cheeses.

4. Cigarette Rolling Machine by Rizla, $7
Learning to roll a perfect spliff/joint/cigarette takes practice, but here's a cheap, dishwasher-friendly, king sized shortcut.

5. Jumbo Ice Cube Tray by Crate and Barrel, $8
For the artisan cocktail drinker who prefers not to walk to the bar when it's snowing.

6. Plastic Pour-Over Coffee Dripper by Hario, $10
In his recent feature on coffee for the New Yorker, Kelefa Sanneh claims the perfect cup of coffee is by grinding freshly roasted, room-temperature beans, weighing them, and flushing them through a filtered drip cone (like this one) with boiling water. The whole process takes about four minutes per serving; "If the coffee is fresh, it should swell and release small bubbles of carbon dioxide."

7. Bucky Balls, $30
Idle hands are the devil's tools.

8. Ultra Flat Multicolor Wall Clock by Thomas Buchheim, $40
A sleek, durable timekeeper that's easy to move from apartment to apartment and doubles as a piece of art.

9. Slim Design Scale by American Weigh, $17
Available in nine candy colors and light enough to tote around.

10. Frog Strobe Light by Knog, $15
Have a safer, friendlier bike ride, and avoid replacing stolen lights too often. Frogs are easy to take off your bike while it's parked.

11. Square
Insta-business. Download a free app, sign up for a free account and start accepting credit card payments on your iPhone or iPad.

12. iPad Hardshell Camo Case by Bass Pro Shops,
For the iPad owner who drops, spills, shoots and spits.

Posted: December 07, 2011
The Best Presents For Gadget People