Stream: Julia Holter, “Marienbad”


Imagine you grew up listening to nothing but experimental folk records, classical recordings and ambient albums on constant loop, and then imagine you managed to find a way to insert yourself into the discussion of music on the internet by sounding both completely like, and completely unlike everything else around you. If we wanted to say, concretely, that Julia Holter did any of those things it would all be complete conjecture, but if any combination of them turned out to be true, we wouldn’t be surprised in the least. “Marienbad” is the first offering from her upcoming album Ekstasis (RVNG, March 8th), it has multiple movements, and sits somewhere close to a fairly conventional piece of pop music with classical leanings, but feels much more complex than that. We’ll give it like 56,000,000 more listens and get back to you.

Stream: Julia Holter, “Marienbad”

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