The Best Presents For Readers

December 08, 2011

People got trampled and pepper sprayed while holiday shopping on Black Friday, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve compiled some of the best gift ideas on the internet, all easy to buy from the comfort of your laptop. Check back each day this week for another round of beautiful stuff you won’t have to fight crazy people for. Think of this as the visual, holiday-edition extravaganza of our What We're Reading column.

1. Odd Future: Golf Wang, by Odd Future, Photos by Tyler, Vyron, Brick, Julian, Lucas, Sagan and Taco, $29.95
Internet kids Odd Future get the old-school book treatment, featuring art direction from FADER contributor Michael Schmelling and all the antics you'd expect.

2. iPad, $500
We love books, but wrestling a hard cover an umbrella, a bag and your dignity on the train is hard. Also brings online shopping in bed to the next level.

3. Das Monk Tote Bags, $29.95
Too many books to read, too much stuff to carry.

4. Worthwhisland, various
Not a subscription, per se, but Worthwhisland takes the concept of collecting art by trade and "friend prices" and brings it to the masses with limited-edition works, like this print by Joshua Abelow.

5. Double Shadow by Carl Philips, $23
Because isn't 2012 a good time to start reading poetry recreationally? Philips can be devastating, this is his newest book.

6. Arthur Pollock Work by Arthur Pollock, $30
A selection of photojournalist Arthur Pollock's amazing work, hand-selected by his son.

7. Digital subscription to The New York Times, various
Keep up, read the paper.

8. What Me Worry by Andrew Kuo, $49.95
Ever wonder what your neuroses would look like in chart form? Andrew Kuo did, and he made an awesome book about it.

9. Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach, $25.99
The great American novel. Dude did it!

10. Subscription to Pin-Up, $36
For anyone who loves design and architecture, but hates the way it's normally presented. Visual candy, original content.

11. Subscription to The New Yorker, $69.99
So you can join in the weekly conversation, "Did you read that New Yorker article...?"

12. Atlanta by Michael Schmelling, $29.95
An insane compendium of Atlanta's rap scene in portraiture featuring a lot of the color purple.

13. I Heart Transylvania by Jason Nocito, $75
Photographer Jason Nocito shares the very intimate, occasionally gnarly and always beautiful story of him and his wife falling in love.

14. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, $35
Cultural icon, visionary, not-so-nice guy? You decide.

The Best Presents For Readers