Video: Holy Ghost! f. Nancy Whang and Juan Maclean, “I Wanted to Tell Her”

Deadhorse Films’ Ben Fries, one of the talents we flagged in FADER #77’s roundup of video directors to watch, directed this clip for Holy Ghost‘s cover of “I Wanted to Tell Her,” a track from Ministry’s 1983 debut With Sympathy. The sparkling, pageantry-full video re-imagines a high-stakes competition scene from once-panned 1986 BMX movie Rad. Fries has collaborated with Holy Ghost! before, directing Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser’s dads in the detail-oriented “Wait and See” and “I Will Come Back,” a shot-for-shot remake of New Order’s “Confusion.” (via Hive)

To celebrate “I Wanted to Tell Her” (download the track here), Holy Ghost! are giving away a sweet embroidered Members Only jacket, pictured below. The jackets were made for the band, but we’ve got an extra for a lucky fan. Enter to win it by telling us which Holy Ghost! video you love most and why (plus your real name and email address) in the comments. We’ll pick a winner on Monday, December 12th.

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  1. I’m a photographer & a major sucker for nostalgia, so for me it has to be Hold my Breath.
    I love seeing all those pictures oh HG! as kids, past shows & crowd shots. I’ve only seen them once live, but I kept a close watch on the crowds to catch a glimpse of myself or anyone I know.
    It was super cool of them to do an alternate version w/fan submissions.

  2. Jean-Pierre says:

    WOW. Can’t believe they ripped off “RAD.”

  3. Prasheel says:

    “I wanted to tell her”, because I played Nancy’s stunt double!

  4. Alex Stehmann says:

    Definitely Wait & See. The fact that the guys’ dads play their sons is a great concept. The attention to detail down to the fact that Holy Ghost! album cover has been changed to feature the dads or the LCD Soundsystem poster in the background in one of the scenes is great. The vintage film look is a nice choice too. The whole video doesn’t take itself seriously and is just a good time to watch. One of my favorite music videos of the year.

  5. Gabby Jay says:

    Wait & See, for making me wish I had two dads.

  6. Ben hunter says:

    “I wanted to tell her” as I captures how life should be. Jason and Juan are hilarious in it too.

  7. Michael Moroz says:

    It has to be “I Will Come Back.” The shot-by-shot of Confusion was perfect for the New Order-style of the song, and they even got Arthur Baker to ride around in a Midtown cab again! Nancy’s dad playing chess at the dining room is unbelievably awesome.
    I loved it so much I saw HG! the day after Thanksgiving in Brooklyn, and they killed it. I hope these guys keep putting out great tracks, ’cause I can’t wait long for a new album.

  8. buttmuffin says:

    Hold My Breath is my fave. I love the retro look of it..

  9. Dean Keim says:

    “I Will Come Back” cause it’s raw and the jam is just so damned cool and funky~!

  10. Mario Pavlic says:

    My vote goes to “I Will Come Back” because I think it’s a great way to show respect for legends (New Order) + the video really looks great.

  11. Tracy Peterson says:

    Hold My Breath is my favorite video (although Wait and See is a close second) because it really embodies what kind of a band these guys are. They are down to Earth and are approachable. Giving their fans a glimpse of what band life is like behind the scenes and how important their friends and family are, not to mention that you see the beginnings of Alex and Nick’s friendship, really helps the fans to connect with the artists.

  12. I WILL COME BACK did not leave me headspace for months and made the anticipation for the LP brutal! Great golden age of NYC nitelife footage…

  13. Monika says:

    My favourite video is the one for Wait & See. I love the idea of putting their fathers in it. I think they played their roles perfectly. It always makes me smile when I watch it – definitely the best video of 2011!!!!

  14. Definitely “I Will Come Back”
    Great snapshot of night life, plus tons of great cameos!

  15. “I Will come back” was dope. I get a kick out of being able to recognize places in music videos and seeing it portrayed in an early 80′s retro look was an epic twist.