o F F Love, “Close to U, I’m Not (Iced Out Remix)” MP3 + “Fan Art Bedroom” Video

The YouTube description for Berlin/Paris/London mystery man o F F Love‘s “Fan Art Bedroom” video, scored by his track “Close to U, I’m Not,” lists a healthy group of over 20 contributors, probably all working off good vibes alone. Like the pop-up bedrooms Japan’s 6%DOKIDOKI stuffs with Harajuku trinkets, or any number of teen shrine tour videos online, o F F Love has shared a magical real-life-ization of a folder of jpegs, a private pink sanctum in his honor comprised of streamers that say “PROBABLY LOVE” in bubble letters, hanging peach roses, handwritten notes on duct tape and pixelated photo collages speckled with infinite little heart stickers. It’s eerily peaceful and terribly fragile. Watch it above and then download a new, tougher “Iced Out” remix of the video’s featured track below, with o F F Love’s wounded refrain, I didn’t dance with anybody, battling more intricate drums, mouth percussion and some of the sharpest string stabs imaginable. “Close to U, I’m Not” is out now on m-maximal.

Download; o F F Love, “Close to U, I’m Not (Iced Out Remix)”

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