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Watch jj's Documentary Series on Swedish National TV

Sveriges Television, the Swedish public broadcasting system where apparently you can say the F-word, has a music arm called PSL, which is airing short documentaries about jj for the next ten days. The first episode went up today, about the band's formation in high school and Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander's move from Valletuna to Malaga, where they realized they could actually make something of the group. It's a bit heavy on music video clips so far, but future episodes promise more footage shot last summer around their house, which judging by the scene of them walking the dog seems beyond dreamlike, if a little unreliable, internet connection-wise. Even subtitled, it's great hearing them say stuff like, "It's a real pain, almost all of it, all of the time." The trailer is below, just because it's cute, and the next episode will be up on PSL tomorrow morning.

Watch jj's Documentary Series on Swedish National TV