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Memoryhouse, "The Kids Were Wrong" MP3

With a name like Memoryhouse, it's sort of unavoidable to note that the band had a heavy uphill climb before people were down to accept them entirely. There's already a Beach House! How many houses can there possibly be? And much of the last couple years were spent obsessing over memory and nostalgia etc etc etc. But score one for Memoryhouse, because while "The Kids Were Wrong" isn't especially flashy or innovative, it doesn't need to be. Memoryhouse work as a band because they are simple. Their songs aren't going to break your brain open and make you think that A WHOLE NEW WAVE OF MUSIC IS COMING AND HOW WILL YOU PREPARE FOR IT? But they'll definitely make you hum along, and sometimes that's just fine too. The Slideshow Effect is out on Sub Pop on February 28th.

Memoryhouse, "The Kids Were Wrong" MP3