Maya Angelou is Upset with Common


For rapper Common’s new album, The Dreamer/The Believer, Maya Angelou agreed to craft and recite new work for the track “The Dreamer.” But, according to an interview with The New York Post, Angelou is disappointed with Common’s use of a certain politically-charged racial slur on the track, calling it, “vulgar and dangerous.”

“I’m surprised and disappointed. I don’t know why he chose to do that. I had never heard him use that [word] before. I admired him so because he wasn’t singing the line of least resistance.”

Common told the Post that he’d already made Angelou aware that the word is, “a part of [him].” The pair have a close relationship, the article citing that Angelou, “once said he could be her son.” We can only imagine that he must be feeling pretty badly about this rift in their bond.

Below, watch the well-timed video for another The Dreamer/The Believer track, “Celebrate.”

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  1. tyler durden says:

    Damn…why can’t dude be more respectful of the military and have a proper ACU uniform and some better actors…LAME video.

  2. marlon ray says:

    Ok, I was very agitated by Commons lyrics in Dreamer with Dr. Angelou, but listening to the Celebrate track on the new album leaves me no choice but to suspend by buying power from all things COMMON. Now, he too joins a long list of artist that shall never rec. my financial support.

  3. propa ganda says:

    To & About: Drake and Common
    Remember this; hip hop is not about who’s hard, and who’s a cupcake. It is about money.
    Also, the people who are benefiting from this “Beef” are Drake, Common, Pusha T, Ludacris, and the likes of YMCMB, GOOD, DTP, MMG, and big business.
    Drake and Common are both very intelligent and Bright men, so are there accountants, lawyers, Managers and investors behind them.
    “Beef” equals – a form of marketing to create revenue.
    Really look it up beside LOL or SMH.
    The truth is; Hip Hop died when product placement began. Our favorite Artists are also part of Corporate America now. They sell us products, not just music.
    Drake, you are doing a great job, keep it up. If you don’t respond to Common, he still got a boost. Common, make good music, and be yourself! You had your time. You went to make movies and pursue other interests with all the money you made from “Hip Hop” You left like a dead beat father. I don’t think you can just walk back in and take over?
    Let Drake be him, and compete on a musical level. If you have to bring attention to a dead topic, bring it back with your own music, your style, your sound your lyrics. Don’t piggy back off of Drake, or any other artist doing they’re thing.
    Common; you should be guiding Drake not standing in his way. You are a leader right? Some think a Legend?
    No disrespect, but you aren’t my super hero.
    I learned a lesson today. If you are in a leadership role, be a leader. I mean, really? It has been over 27 years and you are still using the word “nigga” I thought it was offensive? Do you have kids? Do they walk around calling everything a “nigga” or “Bitch”?
    Don’t get me wrong, Drake is no better. However, seeing you paved the way for him/us, I guess we should be thanking you now? Why haven’t you been able to remove the word “nigga” from “Hip Hop”? Or are you fond of the word and embrace it? I mean, Drake embraced “Sweet” if the shoe fits, where it. Right?
    Oh, and Common. If you want to blame anyone for where “Hip Hop” went, you should look at your generation. Some how, you managed to let “Hip Hop” die. So if anyone should be mad. It should be your fans.
    Drake didn’t steal hip hop, it was given away for money.
    Try fight that one….Celebrity……………………….
    Your Friend – Propa Ganda