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Download Hood By Air's Swaggot Trilltape Mixtape


Like so many people who went too hard on New Year's Eve, Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air started 2012 on the darkest note, sending out this nasty Swaggot Trilltape mix to his mailing list with a note explaining that he meant it as "THE SOUNDS YOU REMEMBER AFTER YOU EXIT THE CLUB ON YOUR WAY HOME." Aka: the bleakest times, when the beats in your head are playing Pong with aluminum paddles and you can't find a cab and some stranger is talking too damn loud to you and you just can't make it to your bed. Mixing hardstyle with chipmunk vocals and instrumental samples from The X-Files, Oliver manages to sound exactly like exhaustion, and the brief moment when he makes Amerie sound like she's sobbing is the saddest shit we've heard in the three days of the brand new year.

Download: Hood by Air's Swaggot Trilltape Mixtape

Download Hood By Air's Swaggot Trilltape Mixtape