Download Vince Staples’ Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1 Mixtape

vince staples

Over the holidays, LA rapper Vince Staples dropped his, in some internet circles, long-awaited mixtape. Potential lyrical highlight: If you want some positivity, go listen to some Common.. More than half the songs clock in under two minutes, which is perfect as there is a shortage of ADD medication going on right now. Track list and production credits are below.

Download: Vince Staples’ Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1 mixtape

1. Progressive (prod by Snub Nose Frank)
2. Beeper King Exclusive (prod Stoney)
3. Triggawittaheart (prod by Snub Nose Frank)
4. Baron Davis (prod by Snub Nose Frank)
5. 102 (prod by Stoney)
6. Versace Rap ( prod by Michael Uzowuru)
7. Phat Wemin (prod Key Nyata)
8. Hostile (prod Snub Nose Frank)
9. Sob (prod by Clayton Samus)
10. Aintnofun (prod by Snub Nose Frank)
11. Swiss Army (prod by Snub Nose Frank)
12. Dreams Turn2 Casualties (prod by Key Nyata)
13. Taxi (Beat Boy)

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  1. Karim says:

    Production on this shit is amazing

  2. Dooa$ says:

    nigga, the rapping on this is amazing.

  3. Baracka Flocka Flame says:

    Vince Staple killed it! Trill Wave taking over.

  4. TheGreenBox says:

    Vince over Uzowuru beats is gonna smack 2012 in da face , fuck anyone who disagrees. and all you weak ass niggas get yo bitches up. #messagefromthegreenbox

  5. Messing with Staples major! this shits been slappin in the whip for a few days straight. Trillwave is the fvxkn motto ..

  6. kodyak says:

    so good, so under hyped

  7. Me says:

    SPEAK and Vince taking over!

  8. Ben says:

    Dope Shit

  9. Chris Hicks says:

    This is hands down the BEST project I’ve heard in the last 18 months and the people that put this together are 100% real, the truth, artists. I’m proud of Vince for finding and expounding on his sound with this project and all the cats who helped out along the way. So much potential for 2012 I’m excited to be on the look out!

  10. Swagosaurus says:

    Best mixtape of 2011. Worth the wait.

  11. Kid says:

    Cali steeze right here. Gudda life. We out here. We GETS money.

  12. SA says:

    Stepping up.

  13. Aj says:

    nigga, the album art is amazing. shit bangs

  14. Lex says:

    FUCKING YE. This album bangs. Vince Staples is the future. Ignorant muhhfuckas takin over. Rep Speak and Vince and OF and all them real rappers.

  15. BostonJerry says:

    Vince Staples goes after organized religion like LL went after Canibus on “The Ripper Strikes Back.”

  16. CurbStompUrBaby says:

    Excellent tape. Wave Cap Music.

  17. deShaun says:

    Everything was perfect, production, features, lyrics, and Vince isn’t afraid to say what he feels. He’s just so dope!

  18. TC says:

    the shit

  19. Baracka Flocka Flame says:


  20. D-Bo says:

    Abraham Lincoln never kept none of my niggas safe / only gave ‘em prison dates and Church’s Chicken dinner plates.


  21. g-cass says:

    this is better than illmatic and reasonable doubt and ready to die and the big picture

    nah this is dope as fuck tho.

  22. Sean says:

    Every track on the tape is good. He even samples 2Pac twice. Good job Vince & every producer on the tape.

  23. Paper Plates says:

    Been waiting for this shit for so long and Vince delivered… on repeat!

  24. blocc bizz says:

    snoova remova

  25. yo yo yo. this shit has BEEN on repeat. it trill as fuck to see young niggas out here b. like i been trappin for a minute but this nigga.. he kept it 100 and delivered a real solid project nah mean. fuck wit it or get fucked no homo. shoutout to long beach too.

  26. Lippo da Crip says:

    I gangbang to this shit.

  27. _mark says:

    diggin the taxi.

  28. lol says:

    lol @ all this niggaz friends on here commenting. which one is your mom bruh….lmao