Who Is Evian Christ? And Can They Send Us Some MP3s?

In the last week of last year, Evian Christ, a producer whose real name is as yet unknown (or is Evian Christ), released eight songs on YouTube. The music’s an inspired, wintery blend of ambient, footwork and a range of other 2010-decade electronic styles you’d expect, at its most original, paradoxically, when Evian Christ incorporates—across multiple songs—pitched-down and chronically chopped phrases from Tyga’s “Snapbacks Back.” No background info has surfaced as of yet, though Dummy claims to have posted “Drip” when the video had just one view, so we’re assuming somebody emailed somebody something. Thank you for that! But muddy 8 kbps YouTube rips only go so far in this economy. We’ve got hard(ish)-earned dollars just waiting to bankroll EC’s PayPal, whenever they want to sell us something. Which will hopefully be soon. Until then, here are three favorites: “Fuck It None of Y’all Don’t Rap,” “Fridge, Crank, Gun” and “Go Girl.” Watch the rest on Evian Christ’s YouTube channel.

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  3. Zach says:

    So great. Ripped the songs and made a zip. Also, before people get all pressed for me including my shitty tumblr in the file name, I only did it so he could email me if he wants me to take it down.

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  6. anon says:

    it’s no real secret

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  9. albert says:

    josh gettin hype